Deers Leap Kings Lynn goes digital


There was a time when promoting a pub was only reserved for new openings and new management. Word of mouth and perhaps the odd local newspaper advert were the only tools a licensee needed to increase customers and as long as the experience was enjoyable once a visitor was through the door, a customer could easily become a regular.

Fast forward to the 21st century and success in the pub trade is a very different ball game. Social media has expanded the conversation and people are exposed to more choice than ever before, so how can a local pub extend its reach and become part of the world wide conversation?


New pub website for The Deers Leap Kings Lynn

The Deers Leap pub in Kings Lynn has found the answer in its new website and social media marketing campaign. Our brief at Innmedia was to design a pub website which could convey the style, atmosphere and brand identity of the Deers Leap and ultimately create visuals that would appeal to its target market. Whilst the weekends at the pub are known for their vibrant live music and party atmosphere, weekdays are more sedate, laid back and much more relaxed. The various elements of the website combine together to reflect those variations and with clear navigation, users have found the pub website easy to use and understand.


Pub social marketing

In addition to a web site for the pub, The Deers Leap have also embarked upon a social media campaign designed to promote their brand in the local and wider area. Innmedia offer tailor made solutions for all budgets, no matter how small, which include promotion through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  With a dedicated design department to create all the written and visual content,  pub landlords, landladies and licensees only need to let Innmedia know the aim of the promotion and let the magic happen.

Social media promotion is an absolute requirement if a pub is to survive in today’s competitive world. Word of various promotions and events need to spread quickly and the only way to do this is by directly reaching out to potential customers. Gaining a strong social media following means that pubs have enormous potential to increase footfall however so many pubs and bars are not realising their potential. With a strong marketing team offering guidance, Innmedia are able to increase awareness and footfall to the pub so it’s just up to the pub to ensure an enjoyable experience once customers are through the doors.

Take a look at the Deers Leap pub website in Kings Lynn Norfolk and then call Innmedia to find out how we can help you with social marketing for pubs and to create your pub website design.