We are InnMedia

Our team is the ticket to your success and these are the people who have their fingers on the promotional pulse. If you want to build your brand, market your business, increase footfall or rebuild your reputation, these are the people who have the particular set of skills required to meet your needs. Together Innmedia can make your business work!

Meet the team


Design is in the DNA for Neil, cutting his teeth in Engineering design, he meandered along the path to web design, stopping for a while in Landscape design before deciding that visual creation and graphics kept him out of the rain!


Words. Lisa has lots of them and can use them in a skilfully persuasive fashion to write excellent copy and marketing text. Starting her career at BBC TV, Media has been a career constant. Madly motivated and always full of ideas, marketing and promotion is not so much work but a passion.


Consumed by all things digital, Tom is the go-to guy for programming and techie stuff. When marketing has the idea and design creates the look, Tom has the task of making it function. Tom sometimes wishes the marketing department were not quite so ambitious but he does love a challenge!


Graphics, imagery and evoking feelings through pictures. That’s Dean’s thing. Under the expert teachings of Neil, Dean always manages to bring a concept to life. Eye-catching and engaging, Dean’s eye for graphic design is the key to effective sales.


Layla lives and breathes social. She drives traffic through the door with her knowledge of what people want and how to reach them. Her fingers are always on the pulse of the action and is the social butterfly of the virtual world.

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